Petition: Save the Joe Greenland Center

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Lead petitioner Robbie Pascal
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Tue, 14 Dec 10
Closing date Tue, 22 Feb 11
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Save the Joe Greenland Center in Aklavik, Northwest Territories

Background information

The Joe Greenland Centre is composed of fifteen units. Seven units are managed and administered by the Aklavik Housing Association/NWTHC as public housing that provide independent living for seniors. The remaining eight units are administered by the Department of Health and Social Services.

For those of you not familiar with the place, half of it is administered by the Dept. of H&SS;, GNWT. It is a full time elders care home. It is not specifically for the Aklavik people, as many in the Delta have had family stay there and the care is second to none if they can’t stay home with any family. The elders were from all over the arctic and I recall there were a few from what is now Nunavut. Every community up here should have one of these. Lets support it to keep the elders home in their hometowns. It's important because the facility serves the Elders well and they are looked after by their own people in their hometown.

The closure of the units administered by the Dept. of H&SS; will mean the loss of 8 full time and 6 part time jobs. Every employee is from and lives in the community. They have slowly moved tenants out of the building to Inuvik, so they can move the jobs there and elsewhere. Not only will the elders be without their home, but all staff will be without a job.

Back in 2000, they built a facility in Tuktoyaktuk to provide the same service for the elders there. This is when the Government of the day replaced the level of operations and replaced the policy with the Home Support Worker Program. It is a good program but ineffective without the right people. Many elders still require the full time care that the homecare cannot provide.

This is to ensure that all elders are taken care of.

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