Petition: Territorial Ombudsman

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Lead petitioner Eric Shank
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Mon, 3 Jun 13
Closing date Sun, 6 Oct 13
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To ask the Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories to establish a Territorial Ombudsman

Background information

Currently, most, if not all departments of the GNWT handle citizen appeals of departmental decisions internally. This can create distrust in the appeals process. An Ombudsman would allow citizens to appeal to an independent third party once other appeal avenues have been exhausted. Not only does the Ombudsman Office assist in appeals, it also provides oversight of governmental affairs. Examples of this oversight are examining new and existing policies and ensuring they are fair and not misleading. It should also be noted that any Ombudsman decisions are NOT always binding. However, history has shown that provinces generally follow Ombudsman rulings and recommendations. The above noted duties of an Ombudsman is not exhaustive. For more information on the Ombudsman, please visit

In March 2013, by Motion of the Legislative Assembly, the potential role of an Ombudsman and option for implementing such an office, was referred to the Standing Committee on Government Operations for research, review, and analysis.

Please note that only Residents who have reached the age of majority in the NWT can sign this petition.

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