Petition: Provide tax incentive to retail fuel suppliers in Yellowknife

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Lead petitioner Jerald Sibbeston
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Thu, 5 Sep 13
Closing date Wed, 6 Nov 13
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  • Anke Tuininga
  • Jerald Sibbeston
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Given that there is a single dominant supplier of retail fossil fuels in Yellowknife, there should be a tax incentive to entice major retail suppliers to the Yellowknife Market to enhance competition for gasoline and diesel sales.

Background information

As an alternative to increased regulation in the gasoline or diesel retail market, the GNWT should allow the free market to decide prices by increasing pricing pressure on the market through stimulated competition. This could be done by offering a reduction in taxes once a retailer has sold a certain volume of fuel products.

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