Petition: Increasing Funding for Local Programming and Governance Workshops for Community-led Boards and District Education Authorities

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Lead petitioner Dennis Nelner
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Fri, 3 Jun 16
Closing date Thu, 30 Jun 16
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Firstly, keeping youth engaged in positive activities throughout the day and year will build their lifelong skills; therefore, we need more local programming in areas such as workplace readiness skills, trades and technology, outdoor and cultural activities, sports and various clubs.

Secondly, District Education Authorities and other community-led boards need to properly govern themselves to improve the quality of life in the community and ensure there is a connection to work done by previous Boards to make our schools prosper. Governance workshops will teach directors, old and new, about how the organization is supposed to work and grow.

As a past member of the District Education Authority, I know that the funding received for "local programming" from the Dehcho Divisional Board amounts to only 1% (on average) of the total budget the Regional Board receives on an annual basis. This funding needs to increase to 2%; and, in addition, the Community boards need to find additional funding from other organizations and groups. Special interest groups need to be encouraged to develop extra-curricular activities that will empower the community. These fundamental shifts in direction and focus will allow the issues identified by the Auditor General and the Education, Culture and Employment’s (ECE) renewal plan to begin to be addressed.

Background information

The Auditor General’s 2010 report on the state of education in the NWT concluded that there is no accountability, oversight or continuity in student achievement and growth. In fact,

• approximately 80% of students are not at grade level in English Language Arts with a steady decline evident from grades 3 to 9

• 6 of 10 aboriginal students will not receive their high school diplomas

• 60% of our children are not prepared to enter the formal K-12 school system

For more information, please follow this link to the Department of Education and Employment’s website to read more from the “Education Renewal and Innovation Framework - DIRECTIONS FOR CHANGE”: This report has more information on the state of the NWT Education system and the approach needed to create change, especially in the rural communities where it is needed the most.

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