Petition: Eliminate Time Change in the Northwest Territories

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Lead petitioner Julian Morse
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Wed, 9 Nov 16
Closing date Mon, 30 Jan 17
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  • Omar Ehtesham
  • Robert George
  • Milan Kurinsky
  • Livia Kurinska-Hrdlickova
  • Dawn McInnes
  • Adrian D'Hont
  • Gwendolyn Ann Webb
  • Karen m Bohnet
  • Michelle Keizer
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The petitioners propose adopting daylight savings time permanently in the Northwest Territories, eliminating the need to turn the clocks back in the fall. This will result in an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day during the darkest months of the year, when we need it most.

Background information

Due to the high latitude of the Northwest Territories, Northerners are adversely affected by changing back to standard time in the winter, causing us to plunge into darkness well before the end of the work day. Taking the simple step of not changing our clocks in the fall will grant us an extra hour of daylight for recreational activities at the end of the day, and eliminate the nuisance of biannual time changes.

Research has shown that switching to standard time results in increased diagnoses of depression in Denmark, which is at a similar latitude to the Northwest Territories:

UBC Economist Werner Antweiler has done research into the time change, and has concluded that keeping Daylight Savings Time year-round would have economic benefits, and help save energy:

Saskatchewan has successfully implemented the same change proposed by the petitioners for the Northwest Territories, which you can read about here:

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