Petition: Oppose further power rate/additional riders increases.

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Lead petitioner Jennifer Pagonis
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Tue, 11 Jul 17
Closing date Mon, 11 Sep 17
Last signatories
  • Shawn M Young
  • Lorraine Hewlett
  • Kyle Kelly
  • Catherine Babinlavoie
  • Amanda Beveridge
  • Heather Cutler
  • Owen Fullerton
  • Nicholas Plouffe
  • Trudy hause
  • Stephanie Nason
Signature information

We ask that the Government of the Northwest Territories deny the Northwest Territories Power Corporation the opportunity to request customer rate increases as well as deny additional riders for a term of three years. Until the Corporation has clearly shown their due diligence in creating, presenting and administering an effective and realistic plan to upgrade their aging infrastructure/structures.

Background information

The NWT Power Corporation is infamous for requesting power rate hikes for customers stating they need to replace, repair or otherwise tend to aging infrastructure/structures. These request are constant and have cost customers hundreds of dollars. We feel that we are being taken advantage of. If customers are successful at reducing consumption, they are penalized with a higher rate due to "reduced consumption". If customers use more power, they are penalized for using too much power. Customers are at a disadvantage that we subsidize other communities, which already increases our own costs.

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