Petition: Eliminate Daylight Savings Time

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Lead petitioner Jennifer Coleman
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Thu, 2 Nov 17
Closing date Sat, 10 Mar 18
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  • Gawain Jones
  • Evellyn Coleman
  • Nancy Mullick
  • Brittany Russell
  • Scott Clouthier
  • Caitlin McGurk
  • Bonnie Fournier
  • Paul A. Falvo
  • Dan Korver
  • Scott Williams
Signature information

I petition that we eliminate Daylight Savings Time in the Northwest Territories. The energy saving the practice is supposed to produce does not effect the Northwest Territories as our hours of daylight do not align with the rest of the Country.

Background information

Here is a link to a list of pros and cons associated with DST. While there are some pros to the practice, I argue that these do not affect us in the NWT. Longer evenings only occur in the lower areas of the Country and we already rely on more artificial light in the winter months; a change of an hour does not help that.

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