Petition: Use lottery money to fund the arts

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Lead petitioner Eli Purchase
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Wed, 31 Jan 18
Closing date Fri, 16 Feb 18
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  • Janine Jenken
  • Tee Lim
  • Mary Ann Ross
  • Teresa Trimble
  • Shannon Moore
  • Edward McLeod
  • Heidi Kane
  • Adrienne McLeod
  • Lachlan MacLean
  • Rashmi Patel
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We petition the Government of the Northwest Territories to amend the Lottery Act to allow for lottery money to be disbursed to artistic endeavors.

Background information

Whereas the NWT is one of the only jurisdictions in Canada that does not use lottery money to fund the arts and whereas arts territorial arts funding has not been increased in close to a decade, the Lottery Act should be amended to allow funds to be used for artistic endeavours.

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