Petition: Fracking Moratorium Pending Comprehensive Regional Review

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Lead petitioner Eugene Boulanger
Petition target Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Start date Wed, 17 Dec 14
Closing date Wed, 27 May 15
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We urge the Government of the Northwest Territories to put a moratorium on horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) until a comprehensive, transparent and public review of the cumulative environmental, social and economic risks and benefits of the process is completed under Part 5.1 of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, and the NWT public clearly indicates whether the risks and benefits are acceptable or not.

We further urge the Government of the Northwest Territories to shift economic development away from the exploitation of fossil fuels and towards economic diversification based on renewable energy and conservation.

The reasons for our recommendations include:

1. Horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is new to the NWT and is clearly controversial – it is banned or under moratorium in many places in Canada and around the world.

2. Contrary to the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy, fracking permanently contaminates very large volumes of fresh water.

3. Fracking requires transporting poisonous chemicals and large quantities of contaminated wastewater, putting our communities, highways and the Mackenzie River Basin at risk.

4. Rapidly accumulating medical and scientific evidence shows that fracking and its associated materials and activities are damaging to human health and the environment.

5. Overwhelming evidence shows that fracking developments are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Burning even one quarter of already known reserves of fossil fuels will increase climate change and put our health and well being in danger.

6. A stable and sustainable renewable energy based economy is needed, one that strongly supports social structures, local economic development, environmental restoration, and high job generation per dollar invested. The boom and bust nature of fossil fuel extraction, along with its highly negative social, economic and environmental impact and its very low job generation per dollar invested, make it an unwise economic strategy to rely on.

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